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"Build it and they will come." -- Field of Dreams (1989)

You are building a solid Theme-Based Content Site. So how will you let your target group know about it? On the one hand, you may surf the information technology job search sites to help you. On the other...

The next three DAYS are all about Traffic-Building. The most time-and-costefficient way to draw targeted traffic to your site is through the implementation of the Big 3 strategies...

1) Free Traffic (DAY 7)
2) Paid Traffic (DAY 8)
3) Traffic Through Relationship-Building (DAY 9)

Goal-of-the-DAY... Get familiar with the four-step process of...

1) Submitting
2) Spider-tracking
3) List-watching
4) Keyword-ranking

Then, if you are using SBI! (so important for easy tracking) become comfortable with the Search Engine HQ and its reports...

1) Submit-Spider-List Report
2) Keyword Ranking Report
3) Keyword Searches Report

Talk about a "field of dreams!" If you just simply build it, your content site might as well be a cornfield in Iowa, visited only by ghosts!

Yes, it's true. This course has shown you how to develop a strong Theme- Based Content Site, completely loaded with HIGH-PROFITABILITY Keyword- Focused Content Pages. These pages OVERdeliver to your human readers, and at the same time, satisfy the Search Engines.

So you're way ahead of 99% of e-business people on the Net. You have created a diamond, shining brilliantly with terrific content. Does that guarantee you success?

Sorry to say... nope! Why not? Because it's just sitting there, buried in the middle of that huge cornfield, that field of dreams. What's missing in order to turn your dreams into reality and build income through content? Free, targeted traffic.

If you can't attract free, targeted visitors via the Search Engines, you're immediately at a huge disadvantage. That's because you're going to have to pay to drive traffic to your Web site. While paying for supplemental traffic can make sense for many online businesses, you definitely do not want this to be your primary source of traffic. There are a number of reasons why not...

1) Depending on your niche or topic, advertising can be very expensive. It also prevents you from ever really owning your own business. When you stop paying for advertising, your business disappears.

2) If you do not know what your ROI (Return On Investment) is or exactly what each and every visitor is worth to you, advertising can be a bit of a gamble. This is especially true for brand new sites that are still feeling their way around.

3) Visitors who arrive from advertising campaigns recognize that the relationship is purely commercial, and they expect to be pitched. Obviously, they will have their guard up and will be more difficult to convert into customers.

On the other hand, when you "get it right" at the Search Engines, the engines will deliver more and more targeted traffic on daily basis.

Take-home lesson?

Concentrate on ways that will consistently deliver the largest amounts of lowcost, sustainable traffic -- the BIG 3 above. Don't try to "do it all" right off the bat.

OK. Let's begin with the engines...

7.1. Work With The Free Major Search Engines

The Search Engines will provide you with lots of traffic as long as you work with them rather than against them. The process is not complicated. And as you will soon see, it keeps you moving forward -- building out your site so that you create even more ways for visitors to find you...

1) Build Keyword-Focused Content Pages according to the structure and onpage criteria guidelines outlined in Day 6.

2) Submit those pages to the Search Engines. (Continue to build more Content pages.)

3) Check for each spider's visit. (Continue to build more Content pages.)

4) Check for the presence of your pages in each Search Engine's index (i.e., database). (Continue to build more Content pages.)

5) Evaluate performance of each page of your Theme-Based Content Site. (Continue to build more Content pages.)

6) Track your performance on a regular basis. (Continue to build more Content pages.)

7) Repeat the process for each page you create. (Keep your focus on building more Content pages.)

Now that we have the big picture of where we are going, let's get down to business...

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